Tools To Help


You are responsible for your child’s education, but you’re not alone. There are many tools at your disposal.

Let’s start with ROUTINE. If you haven’t already set up a routine, now’s the time to start. Kids need to play, be involved in clubs or sports and need time to rest, but they also need to complete homework.  My daughter-in-law, Tricia, has the kids complete their school work when they get home taking a few minutes to first grab a snack. Last week, friend and author, Sandy Carlson mentioned that she developed reading time just before bed.

TIME is often frittered away. Time is a tool that added to routine will work for you.

BOOKS that teach us, as parents, how to work with our children are a great tool. Reference books such as a dictionary, grammar books, a thesaurus, and countless others within reach in the home are priceless. They are expensive but well worth the investment.

OTHERS can be of assistance. Often the parent and child find working together difficult. Why not involve a friend, grandparent or tutor? Many schools have a tutorial program in place.

ATTITUDE – If you’re unhappy with your child’s teacher make sure your attitude doesn’t show. If you don’t respect your child’s teacher or school neither will your child.

CULTURE trips for fun show your child you feel learning is important. Go to an ethnic restaurant, art exhibit or museum. Don’t hurry through…stop and read about the artist or museum piece.

FOCUS on what’s most important in life. Do the dishes later.

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One Response to Tools To Help

  1. sandycarl says:

    Structure is good. AND, I also read to my boys all the way through middle school. They read tons on their own, but this was reading before bed time. 🙂

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