Your Responsibilty

Responsibility Concept

My first job out of high school was in the library at the local elementary school. One of my duties included working with students who had a difficult time reading. To me, this made no sense. I had no college, no professional training and no wisdom/life experience. I did enjoy working with the children. They liked that I read with expression and listened to them read.

Many years later I sent my children off to school. I have a son with dyslexia. He wasn’t learning. The system hadn’t changed much; they were sending him to study with someone like me that had little to no training. I was not happy. They continually stressed that I should work with my child after school.

They had him all day and when he got home he wanted to shed the built up stress. The last thing he wanted to do was sit down and struggle with reading. It all seemed so unfair.

I never tried to understand that teachers have around thirty students and cannot let a handful hold back the entire class. It took years to realize my child’s education was my responsibility. The school is just a tool.

Next week we’ll talk about tools, but now I’d like to hear what you have to say.

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One Response to Your Responsibilty

  1. sandycarl says:

    (Oops. Fat thumb presses the “done” v.s. p)

    Susan Barton Dyslexia Program. Even after a bazillion years of teaching, this program makes reading sense.

    But how sad that educators insist parents be teachers at night, too. The kids need a break. I always read to my kiddos before bed. That was awesome time together.

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