Get The Key – It’s Free

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September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. It will take a few minutes to sign-up and get your key to world upon worlds you’ve never dreamed of.

The card is the key to not only borrowing books, but to use the computers, search electronic databases, watch movies or peruse the magazine rack. It’s also your ticket to programs, enrollment in classes, join a group, visit exhibitions and much more.

You will need to bring a current ID with photo along with one other form of identification, such as Voter’s Registration card, personal check, or recent utility billing. Children need a parent’s signature. Some libraries offer online registration.

Unlock the door to travel a new path, learn a new way, explore a foreign country, or see through another’s eyes. It’s September – go get the key.

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One Response to Get The Key – It’s Free

  1. sandycarl says:

    Thanks for all you do for books, literacy and libraries, Sharon.

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