End Of School Party

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We celebrated the end of the summer correspondence course and let me tell you…we had fun!

Each participant could attend if they completed each assignment of the eight week course. You can’t see it, but the prizes are all labeled with a dollar amount. As the kids arrived, they were given $5.00 Monopoly money. My daughter-in-law, Tricia, picked one name at a time. The chosen person had to make the choice of purchasing one prize right away or to wait until after the question and answer segment where they could possibly garner more money.

Only Landon, the youngest, chose to buy right away. He knew he’d already earned over $20.00 of extra credit by doing additional and harder math pages throughout the summer.

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Funny story about Landon – When I sent out the first assignment he promptly sent it back with a note. “I’m not doing this.” Then he found out he wouldn’t be able to attend the party at the end. Landon ended up with two awards, one of which was for the most 100% papers.

The games and lessons all revolved around learning. Times tables in which all were quizzed along with algebraic expression for the older ones. Sophia, Victoria, Savannah and Kayleigh worked at photography this summer and showed their work. Savannah gave a calligraphy lesson and Kayleigh did a step by step of how to draw a monkey.  Victoria and Savannah treated us to reading with expression. Tori read The Spider and The Fly a beloved poem by Mary Howitt, then Savannah read a poem she composed last winter. Logan and Colton shared a video about dissection and gave details about internal organs.

After all the money was earned, one name at a time was drawn and that person could buy one prize. All went home with several prizes each. It was a great party!

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2 Responses to End Of School Party

  1. sandycarl says:

    What a fun teacher you are. By the looks of them, they enjoyed doing it as much as you did.

  2. I was surprised how seriously they took each question and how well they all did. It appeared they liked the challenge and they were prepared.

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