Word Games And Flyswatters

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A few weeks ago Carla Fedeles, a Reading Specialist from Lynchburg, Virginia, wrote an article about Concept of Word, which describes how children learn to begin reading. Here’s one of the fun ideas she came up with.  First, teach the students a poem then write out each line of the poem on a strip of construction paper.

Let the children point to the spoken word with a light saber, magic wand, or flyswatter. Oh, about the flyswatter, new would be best and Carla tells us that it is great for underlining or blocking out a word. You can also cut the strips into individual words and use as flash cards or rearrange to create new sentences.

After the child is comfortable with the words write out the poem as a whole and practice reading. If you have older children you might use the lyrics of their favorite song instead of a poem.

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2 Responses to Word Games And Flyswatters

  1. Jan says:

    You can also cut a rectangular hole in the swatter and have kids “swat” certain words. The chosen word should show in the hole.

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