Three Fun Ideas

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Savannah is happily getting everything ready to make some new concoction. She is usually accompanied by her cousin, Victoria. They have learned the importance of carefully reading the recipe. The first realization came when sugar was left out of sugar cookies. Another episode involved ¼ teaspoon of salt which became ¼ cup of salt.    

*Add math equations by having your baker double or triple the recipe.


My grandkids and a couple of their friends opened their own restaurant out of my kitchen and invited all the parents. They made a menu, decorated the house and worked on the dinner and serving. The important part is that reading, writing, and math were all components.


GAME IDEA to introduce or become familiar with the Dewey Decimal System at the library.

  • Print out a chart of the non-fiction section.

 000 – General works, Computer science and Information

100 – Philosophy and psychology

200 – Religion

300 – Social sciences

400 – Language

500 – Pure Science

600 – Technology

700 – Arts & recreation

800 – Literature

900 – History & geography


  • Participant must find one book that is of interest to them from each section and make note of it.
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