Kid’s Correspondence Course

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I spoke with one of my granddaughters about my plan. She wasn’t thrilled until I told her about the prizes and party at the end of the summer for those that participated. They like my parties.

THE PLAN – Every week each child will receive a package in the mail with a math page, a few pages from my upcoming book, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. They only have two days to do the work and get it back in the mail.

Nothing too heavy, just enough to keep them from riding that summer slide. They’re all the right age group and anxious to read the third book in my sci-fi series, so getting them to read and respond shouldn’t be hard. Plus, they know their feedback helps me. The math work will be one page of the basics geared to each individual’s grade level.

I want them to do this on their own; that’s why the self-addressed stamped envelope. The next week’s package will contain their weekly work along with a progress note (pep talk) on their previous work and corrected page.

Three weeks before next Fall’s return to school we’ll have our party with educational games and a book discussion.  I can’t fail. This will be fun and a memory that might become a family tradition. Wouldn’t that be cool!

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3 Responses to Kid’s Correspondence Course

  1. Vicky Paulen says:

    How wonderful!!!!

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  2. sandycarl says:

    What a great idea, Sharon.

  3. Thank you, girls for your praise. I shared this post on StumbleUpon and had people as far away as China viewing it. Hope it helps someone.

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