Don’t Take The Ride Down This Summer

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Many students loose traction on their uphill battle with learning during the summer, focusing only on fun.


You could hire a tutor or begin and end each day with reading time along with regular visits to the library. The children’s librarian is a great source of information on what’s trending and will generally work with your child to find something for even the most reluctant reader.

Remember to make it fun. Take your books to the patio or park. Go to the Dairy Bear and talk books. Add cousins or neighbor kids to encourage a club like atmosphere.

Another creative idea is to journal every day. Fifteen to twenty minutes of writing everything that comes to mind. One sentence doesn’t have to relate to the next, doesn’t have to be corrected, just write and let thoughts fill the pages. This is a wonderful way to start a new habit.

Even though the writing isn’t being corrected, the writer will connect the reading and writing becoming better at both.

Have a wonderful summer without the dread of having to climb the same hill next fall.

We’d all love to hear your ideas.

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One Response to Don’t Take The Ride Down This Summer

  1. Shirley westveer says:

    Great suggestions, Sharon! Thanks

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