A Sense of Accomplishment

LavaStorm Nina Blurb 35KB

A Short post about shorts.


Short texts, Tweets, stories, Snap Chats, YouTube videos and on and on.  It seems to be a trend. The more successful blogs are short and to the point for today’s busy reader. Many of the books I’ve read recently tend to have shorter chapters.

Let’s use these shorts to build self-esteem. We all need to feel we’re making progress, so let’s give that reluctant or struggling reader short stories, comic books and graphic novels. Have the older children read picture books or mid-grade chapter books to the younger ones.

Is there a down side with all the shorts? Are we creating attention spans to match? If you feel this is a possibility then mix it up, giving a more in-depth article once or twice a week.

It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts, but keep it short. *little joke*

Oh, I almost forgot. Praise for the book shown above.

“Twenty-three authors did a remarkable job developing an apocalyptic story and a survival setting on Earth where a great earthquake has triggered new and old volcanoes. This action adventure will keep you turning the pages for more.” – University Library Journal

I’m pleased to tell you I’m one of the twenty-three authors.

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3 Responses to A Sense of Accomplishment

  1. sandycarl says:

    Congratulations on getting your short into Lava Storm…now (ahem) you just need to tell us how to order it!

  2. MT Writer says:

    Congrats! The book cover is great, too.

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