Easy To Help One

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There is an understandable link between poverty and illiteracy. I’m asking you to help just one. Your neighbor, nephew, friend, or relative may need the skill you already have.

I recently read that in just one decade the country will not have enough skilled workers to compete globally. This prediction came from the Annie E. Casey Foundation study. We are in a crisis.

President Obama announced a new initiative early this year entitled, My Brother’s Keeper, to create opportunity for boys and young men of color. Here is a link to My Brother’s Keeper Fact Sheet for more information.

How can you help?

A child’s brain develops rapidly from birth to school age. By reading to them early we are instilling vocabulary and by asking questions throughout the story, they gain thinking skills. As you read point to the word, even at a young age they will begin to learn the alphabet and recognize words.

When they are old enough to begin reading, patience is the key. Switch off, each reading a paragraph or chapter. The more you practice the easier it becomes. Be creative and make it fun.

If you keep a regular routine there will fewer arguments about study time.

We speak of children needing help, but there are many adults in need. They may have missed some key building blocks in their learning. You’ll have a winning team if your adult student has the will to learn and exhibits persistence.

Easy? No. It takes time, patience, and commitment. It is in no way easy, but by sacrificing a small part of yourself you could change a life and therein a community.

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