Become A Tutor


One person helping another is cause for celebration.

You’re probably already teaching, but don’t call yourself as such. Instead, you’re called Dad/Mom, Gramps/Gram, or friend.

Maybe you’re led to reach out to the community.

First check with the local school to see what programs they have in place and their needs. Another excellent venue for helping students of all ages is the library. Your function as a tutor will be more than listening and correcting. You will also discuss content and work on building confidence.

Anticipate that you will be taking a training program before you begin tutoring in an organized group. You are expected to not only be a good reader, but to be patient and dependable as well.

If for some reason there is nothing established in your area then take the initiative to gather help from leaders in churches, Friends of the Library, PTA, Lions Club, Masons, VFW, or any number of organizations that may be willing to help. These groups are full of caring people that are already fulfilling their civic duty.

photo_21032_20110925 (640x427)

There are a multitude of online programs to help you along.

Reading – Tutors covers the basics and even gives free samples.…/name/Building_a_Tutor_Program 

Do Something.Org suggests students help students.

Here is a start-from-scratch plan that involves hiring a reading specialist to oversee the group.

Search the web. You will find many programs and ideas.

Our area is lucky to have an active library. The Timothy C. Hauenstein – Reynolds Township Library sponsors an excellent summer reading program headed by the children’s librarian, Cheryl Smith. You can tell I’m proud of my library and its staff.


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