You Can Read – Pay It Forward

March is reading month, so what better time to promote the Pay-It-Forward system of helping one another.

Time is generally an issue, but there’s always something we can do.
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Very Little Time – Stay Within the Family
• Read together
• Use electronic devices
• Write letters

I asked Victoria to read to me. She read all the words correctly; but no pauses at the commas, no stops at the periods, and definitely no voice intonation. It seemed she wanted to get through as quickly as possible. Once she learned the rules and practiced, she read aloud with confidence confessing that comprehension improved, too. What a blessing to her.

Electronic devices are a wonderful help to students. Try the site for the younger ones. You can set the app to read yourself or have it read to the child. In the ‘Read It To Me’ mode, the application highlights the words as they’re read. Don’t you just love technology?

Can you imagine the smile on Grandma’s face when she opens the mail box to find a hand-addressed envelope? Writing letters to loved ones not only helps with reading, but also develops empathy.

Lots of Time – Volunteer
• Read at Schools
• Tutor one or more students
• Join your local Friends of the Library

The above are just a few ideas to get you actively helping others. Read to children at the library or get involved in tutoring any age. You might even be interested in joining the fund-raising group, Friends of the Library.

What are your ideas to help pay-it-forward?

Next week we’ll take a look into methods of teaching.

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3 Responses to You Can Read – Pay It Forward

  1. Susan Davis says:

    Give a book – for whatever celebration it is – (birthday…any holiday) there’s always a good book to give for any age. Also, gift cards from book stores (and e-book stores) are a nice way to spread reading opportunities around.
    Excellent post, Sharon; )

  2. Cheryl Smith says:

    Good post Sharon. There are many ways to pay it forward maybe start a paperback book exchange for the kids? Start a one on one reading time @ the library. The possibilities are endless really.

  3. You two have come up with some great ideas. It is a wonderful thing you’re helping to promote. Thank you for sharing ideas.

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